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Free NeuroMovement® Lesson

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Welcome to this free NeuroMovement Lesson! I'm thrilled you decided to sample this method, which can be so impactful for pain reduction, regaining ease of movement, and calming your nervous system. Before you begin, please read these instructions carefully. Normally, a practitioner is there to guide you through these, so please do take care to ensure you are doing it right.

A woman is getting ready to enjoy a neuromovement lesson
Free Neuromovement Lesson

  1. Please go SLOW. if you think you are going slow, go even slower. Your brain cannot learn anything new if you don't slow down. Don't do the movements automatically, you should have just enough time for three or four movements before the next set of instructions.

  2. Your comfort is paramount. Make sure you are comfortable before you start the lesson, and throughout. At any hint of pain, or discomfort, please stop. If you are feeling dizzy, stop. If you feel too emotional, stop. You can do the lesson in your imagination if it's too much for you and it will be just as impactful.

  3. Pay attention to what you are feeling at all times. Notice the changes and bring them to the foreground of your attention.

  4. Reduce your efforts. Only go so far as the movement is easy. It can be very small, almost invisible, and still be impactful. It's not about accomplishing the movement, it's the process of moving that counts.

  5. Have fun! when you are comfortable, and you go slow, you can be curious, explore different ways of organizing yourself, so that the movement can become pleasurable.

What you'll need:

- A space to lie down, rather firm. (not a bed unless you are bedridden). You can use a folded up blanket. Avoid pillows if you can.

- A willingness to do as little as possible :)

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If you have questions or would like to share your experience with this lesson, please let me know what changed for you here!


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