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The Antidote Program

Relieve chronic pain, stress and anxiety today

One of the great things about Neurosomatic Therapy and Neuromovement® is that the modalities go hand in hand to offer powerful and rapid benefits for integral wellness, whatever your challenge.  

The second best thing is that the two modalities can be available to you today, from the comfort of your own home.   You don't need any special equipment, magic device, fancy clothing or anything else. Just you, your body, your brain.


So if you can't get to a neurosomatic therapist, let the neurosomatic therapist come to your living room!

I've created and curated this special online program so that more people like you can access the benefits of this work.  Join us and feel better!

Rock Balancing

Some benefits of the Antidote Program

What you'll get...

Premium Access

to the growing library of audio and video NeuroMovement® lessons. Do lessons as often as you like, wherever you are. Do them alone, or invite a friend or loved one!

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