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NeuroSomatic Therapy for Mental Well-Being

Are you dealing with difficult emotions or anxiety? Recovering from an illness, hardship or trauma? Or perhaps you are facing uncertainty and life changes.

NeuroSomatic Therapy goes beyond traditional talk therapy and combines brain and body work to help you achieve the change you deeply want.   

How does it work?

Sometimes talk therapy isn't enough to help you get past difficult moments.  That's because many of our patterns of emotional suffering are ingrained both into our brain and our body.  At the same time, recovery from any kind of challenge requires a sense of safety, to move past the high levels of stress and alert. This is where Neuro-Somatic Therapy can help. 

With NeuroSomatic Therapy (NST) you can harness your brain's capacity to rewire, learn new patterns of thinking and achieve better emotional wellness. Rather than dwelling on the past and remaining stuck in an old story, with NeuroSomatic therapy you learn how to move forward.

The two methods go hand in hand to deliver high-impact results.

Neurosomatic therapy can help you achieve better mental health.  Une meilleure santé mentale par la thérapie neurosomatique
Comforting Hands

The power of NeuroSomatic Therapy 

In the famous words of Bessel Van DeKolk, "the Body keeps the score".  This is true of trauma as much as everyday emotional wounds. Science has shown that intense emotion has physiological and structural impacts on the brain and the body.


Yet conventional forms of therapy stay focused on the thoughts and stories that reside in our minds.  That's why it takes so long to overcome a negative pattern, or recover from shocks and trauma. 

You never really know something until you feel it in your body. You never really process emotions until you metabolize them physically. Fear, anxiety, insecurity, anger, and grief are all very physical sensations - the same goes for wellness and joy! So many people carry chronic pain along with a host of unresolved emotional issues.  You are a whole person and your wellness also requires a holistic approach.

As someone who's also struggled with physical illness, trauma, and depression, I've learned that sometimes you need more than "just talk". Sometimes you need a shortcut that goes through the body to support healing. The magic of NeuroSomatic Therapy is that it supports talk-based therapy with body-based therapy for deeper resolution of inner problems.  

I support teens and adults recovering from illnesses such as cancer or stroke, emotional and physical trauma, anxiety and stress, and the whole suite of emotional issues we face in this difficult world: burn-out, shame, body image, life changes, grief, and more.

Start your healing process today with NeuroSomatic Therapy and manifest a brighter life.

Legal Disclaimer

Please note that the services do not consist in psychotherapy as defined by Law 21 in Quebec. The methods proposed under the heading of NeuroSomatic Therapy here do not intend to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment provided by your physician or other medical professionals. Always seek the advice of your physician, or other qualified health care providers, with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition, treatment, or if you seek to discontinue current treatment/s. 

As each adult and child is unique, results and outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary.

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