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Living Room


Start your neurosomatic practice and learning process today, from the comfort of your own home. 

I've created these courses and programs to help you navigate some of life's hardships: Whether it's chronic pain, illness or trauma, or whether you want to improve something in your life, there's something in here for everyone.  You can change at any age!

No special space, equipment or tools needed... Just bring your brain!

More NeuroSomatic Programs
coming soon!

Stay tuned to this page because I am working on some really interesting neurosomatic and neuromovement®  courses and programs.   In the Fall of 2023, The Antidote Program will be a hybrid self-paced and live evergreen program where you'll get weekly neurosomatic therapy techniques and tools and access to a growing library plus special guests and monthly webinars.


Also, the Fibro-Challenge and Resilience courses will be translated.  These two contain tried and tested neurosomatic therapy tools and techniques to help you deal with chronic pain and big challenges such as illness or trauma. 

If you have ideas on other neurosomatic therapy courses, why don't you drop me a line here! 

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