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NeuroSomatic Therapy and NeuroMovement® Services

NeuroSomatic Therapy and NeuroMovement® can help adults and children, including children with special needs or disabilities:


  • Get rid of chronic pain

  • Regain ease of mobility

  • Recover from an injury or an accident

  • Recover from trauma

  • Manage stress

  • Improve brain function

  • Learn new motor skills

  • Improve attention and self-awareness

  • Recover brain function

  • Improve cognitive ability

All services are available in French and English.  

Sessions can be booked individually or as part of package - check the plans section for more details.

Please check here regularly for updated dates and locations. 

If you don't find your location, please contact me to set up a visit! 

Prices are in CAD, tax inclusive.  Naturotherapy receipts available for Quebec residents. 


NeuroSomatic Therapy and Neuromovement

Quebec City (November 2023)

For other locations and dates please inquire


Neuromovement France
Paris Region December 20-29 2023

& August 2024
Montpellier July 2024

For other locations and dates please inquire

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