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NeuroSomatic Therapy and NeuroMovement Payment Plans

Plans de paiement

  • Saison/Season

    Every week
    9 séances hebdomadaires (en ligne)-weekly sessions (online)
    Valid for 9 weeks
    • 9 séances individuelles en ligne
    • 9 weekly therapy sessions online
    • Un plan individualisé basé sur vos besoins et objectifs
    • An individual plan based on your needs and objectives
  • Intensive

    A 6 session in-person intensive. Une immersion intensive de 6 sessions en personne.
    Valid for one week
    • 6 seances de Thérapie NeuroSomatique en une semaine
    • 6 NeuroSomatic Therapy sessions in one week
    • Impact maximal, transformation assurée!
    • Maximum impact, transformation assured!
  • Neuromovement Intensive Kids - Enfants

    ABM Neuromovement intensive for children (45mn) - Intensive de Neuromouvement pour enfants
    Valid for one week
    • Increased ability for learning through Neuromovement®
    • Meilleure capacité d'apprentissage avec le Neuromouvement®
    • 6 ABM NeuroMovement® lessons (45 min. each) over a week
    • 6 leçons de Neuromouvement® de 45min sur une semaine
  • Mini-Intensive

    3 sessions in 1 or 2 days / 3 séances sur 1 ou 2 jours
    Valid for one week
    • 3 séances sur une courte période pour bénéfice maximal
    • 3 sessions over a very short period for max benefits
    • Temps de déplacement réduits - Reduced travel times
  • NeuroMovement (30) intensive - Kids

    6 30 minute sessions over 3 days - 6 séances de 30 minutes sur 3 jours
    Valid for one week
    • Wake up your child's brain with NeuroMovement
    • Éveillez le cerveau de votre enfant avec le NeuroMouvement
  • Best Value

    Antidote (English)

    Every month
    Your remedy against chronic pain, stress and anxiety.
     5 day free trial
    • Access the growing library of audio NeuroMovement® Lessons
    • Neurosomatic exercices added regularly
    • New material every two weeks for subscribers
    • Live calls and webinars
    • Join the Antidote Community and Get support
    • Try it free for 5 days
  • Antidote (Français)

    Every month
    Votre remède contre les douleurs chroniques, le stress et l'anxiété.
     5 day free trial
    • Accès à la bibliothèque de leçons de NeuroMouvement®
    • Pratiques NeuroSomatiques ajoutées régulièrement
    • Du nouveau matériel toutes les deux semaines pour les abonné
    • Appels et webinaires en direct
    • Rejoignez la communauté Antidote et obtenez du soutien
    • Essai gratuit de 5 jours
  • 6 class pack - forfait 6 cours

    6 in-person NeuroMovement lessons (group) / 6 cours de Neuromouvement de groupe en personne
    Valid for 3 months
    • NeuroMovement® Group - NeuroMouvement

Antidote plans auto-renew until cancelled by the user. All other payment plans expire after a given duration,

Why select a payment plan

I know that taking care of yourself takes time and money.  My goal is to make mental and physical wellness through NeuroSomtic Therapy affordable for you and your family. You can prioritize your wellness without having to make difficult financial choices. 

I also know that life is hard for families of children with special needs, with added appointments and responsibilities. If you're worried that adding  NeuroMovement® to the list will result in difficulties, payment plans are a great way to save money while still ensuring they have what they need to progress.  Trust me that once you see what NeuroMovement® can do for your child, you might not want to pursue the traditional therapies anymore! 


Neurosomatic therapy and Neuromovement Intensives generally deliver better results, and also work great  if you are coming from far.  You can schedule up to three sessions in one day for drastic impact.  Inquire within to find what's right for you. 

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