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Frequently Asked Questions
About NeuroSomatic Therapy and Neuromovement® 

Here are some answers to the questions I get asked most often.  

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What's the scientific evidence?

The NeuroSomatic Therapy method I propose is based on a compendium of evidence-based practices, methods and tools. The basic principle, which has evolved out of decades of brain research and neuroscience, is neuroplasticity, or the ability of the brain to change, to reorganize itself, and to create new connections - at any age.


Neurosomatic therapy is based on the recognition that any form of change requires learning - and that learning requires some form of brain rearrangement. We can see that evidenced quite strikingly in children whose brains are extremely plastic.  But studies have shown that brain plasticity exists until much later in age, and that it can be mobilized easily. Below are examples of the different modalities I use within the framework of NeuroSomatic Therapy, and links to the supporting scientific evidence.

Each person is different and learns differently; therefore each person receives a specialized and personalized NeuroSomatic Therapy plan according to the challenges they encounter, their availability for learning, and the present moment. NeuroSomatic Therapy is a highly experiential approach that is also based on deep listening and interpersonal connection.  Unlike other therapies, in NeuroSomatic therapy, it is not the practitioner who takes you places or makes you do things,  I merely facilitate your brain's innate ability to learn new things. 

What is the Anat Baniel Method of ® NeuroMovement® and how does it work? 

Movement is one of those ways that can mobilise brain plasticity, and it is available to us at all ages (yes, even if you have mobility problems!). There are numerous studies showing the beneficial impact of movement and exercise on brain function, and science documented many years ago the intricate links between our minds and our bodies. This method therefore mobilizes the brain to change the body, and the body to change the brain. 


NeuroMovement®  is a therapeutic approach that provides your brain with new and clear information that stimulates its natural plasticity. Contrary to other therapies, the movements we use are slow, subtle movement and easy-to-follow, so that your brain has the opportunity to perceive slight differences and gradual refinements.  The perception of differences is the cornerstone of learning.  This new perception allows your brain to then to reorganize and form new neural connections and patterns. This new sensory and motor information can help you discover easier ways to move and override inefficient movement and thought patterns that lead to pain and suffering.  


The Anat Baniel Method of Neuromovement®  is different from other conventional approaches because we work with the brain and the body as one. For example, we begin treatment by focusing on connecting with the brain and not by “treating” the problematic body area or behaviour.  When we work with children, we never try to make them do something they cannot already do. We go with the system first, and branch from there. For example, we will never ask a person or a child who cannot walk to stand up and walk, particularly through pain. We find other ways to teach the brain how to walk, without pain. 

By re-establishing neural pathways in the brain, improved mobility and function become possible. Cognition and attention also improve.  We do not force the brain into learning, so the method is painless; we merely indicate to the brain how it might regain connectedness.  Have a look at these videos to know what to expect: 

What are some of the modalities you use in NeuroSomatic Therapy?

Throughout my search for a better way to deal with physical and mental development and wellness, I have delved into numerous techniques and practices. I have taken formal training and certification in the following methods, which I use daily with my clients, and the list continues to grow, as I learn more every day:

  • Anat Baniel Method of NeuroMovement ®. This method is founded on the principles of the Feldenkrais® method, for which you will find an impressive body of research evidence here.

  • Life Coaching and Counseling are two forms of providing psychological support to a person during any of life's events.  I support you, your child and the entire family through change, hardship and help you reduce stress and anxiety.    

  • Applied Neuroscience brings a whole suite of tools to encourage neuroplasticity and change in the brain.

  • HeartMath® Hearth Coherence Mentoring: heart coherence helps with emotions, thought patterns, and the creation of stable peaceful conditions in which to learn. It works by connecting through the breath. The scientific evidence of this method is collected here.

  • Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques (TFT and EFT): These are two methods of using gentle tapping along acupressure points located in the meridians (following ancient Chinese medicine) to identify and address negative thought patterns as they get imprinted into our bodies.  You will find scientific evidence here, among other pages.

  • NeuroLinguistic Programming is a technique that decodes the thought patterns behind language.  It is used in coaching or counseling.

  • I can also connect you to a range of other practitionners, such as naturopaths, nutritionists, occupational therapists, who are like minded. 

Do you give receipts for insurance?

Yes! NeuroSomatic Therapy and NeuroMovement® is recognized as a natural therapy and as a member of the Association of Quebec Naturopaths and the Regroupement des Thérapeutes en Médecine Alternative,  I can give Naturopathy receipts that are recognized ​by most insurance companies.

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