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Pain Relief

Are you experiencing chronic pain? Is your movement limited?

This method works with your brain to get rid of chronic pain by using small, subtle and slow movement to change inefficient patterns of organization.

Try a session lesson today to start relieving pain immediately and learn to move with ease again.

Use your brain to change your body... and your body to change your brain!

dancer support hand, contact improvisation_edited.jpg

How does it work?

Pain is your body's way of saying something isn't right. Chronic pain happens when we keep repeating old, inefficient patterns of movement and contraction. 

 By changing the way you organize your movement, or your posture, you show your brain there is a way to move that does not induce pain.

This change takes place using slowness and mobilizing different, unusual, varied and subtle movement patterns.  


I use a combination of science-based methods and approaches to support this change.  The Anat Baniel Method of NeuroMovement® uses the differentiation, refinement and complexity of movement patterns to improve brain function.  The gentle, slow and subtle movements you will experience in a NeuroMovement® lesson help to calm your nervous system and redefine sensation and mobility without stretching or straining.  With Neuro-Coaching, you support change through verbal coaching based on high-impact techniques.  Depending on your needs, the coaching can include other modalities, such as mindfulness, acupressure or tapping.

Soon, you can regain ease and freedom of movement!

dancer support hand, contact improvisation.jpg

Stroke recovery
Cerebral palsy


Back, Hip, Knee Pain




Sports injuries

Accidents and Falls

High performance


several dancers move in contact improvisation performance intentionally with motion blur o
several dancers move in contact improvisation performance intentionally with motion blur o

Two ways of experiencing

One of the best ways to experience this method is to follow a guided movement lesson.  In this modality, I guide you verbally through slow movements.  This helps your brain mobilize its natural curiosity, attention, and capacity to change. 


Or you can experience the method in person, during a session where I physically help you move in a safe way.

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