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What People Are Saying
About Neurosomatic Therapy and NeuroMovement® 

Read what others like you are saying about NeuroSomatic Therapy and NeuroMovement® for adults or children with special needs.

Adults come see me for a variety of issues: anxiety, trauma, grief, chronic pain, movement issues (Knee, Back, Hip or Shoulder pain), stroke recovery, cerebral palsy, and more.  

Families bring their children with special needs or disabilities to experience Anat Baniel of NeuroMovement®  help them learn to walk, talk, reach milestones, develop skills, learn and develop.  Each individual has their own unique strengths and challenges; each one has seen the changes and rapid impact this method brings.  

“Thanks to this session, I now feel my body in space in a different way! I am also amazed at how much visualization of movements and micro-movements can have an impact on the brain and on our body posture. Thanks again!”

Alexandra B., Montreal

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