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NeuroSomatic Therapy and Neuromovement® for Adults

You are a unique individual.  Whatever your current challenge might be - whether it's chronic pain, or an injury, or just a general desire to be better, you deserve an individually tailored approach to wellness. One that considers all aspects of you.  NeuroSomatic Therapy and the Anat Baniel Method® ofNeuromovement® help you grow, develop and heal  in your own way.   The point isn't to turn you into someone else - the point is to help you become the best version of yourself. 


It's high time to get rid of everything that is getting in your way! 

I offer Neurosomatic therapy and Neuromovement®  sessions in person (Montreal and France) and online.  You can chose a single session, a short intensive or a longer intensive for maximum benefit.  You can also select a seasonal plan, or a monthly payment plan for savings and longer term engagement. 

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