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Images of children with various disabilities who can benefit from ABM Neuromovement

Anat Baniel Method of NeuroMovement® 

for Children with Special Needs

With NeuroSomatic Therapy and Neuromovement® you can...


Montréal, Laval and South Shore region

Québec City (September 1-4 2023)

For other locations and dates please inquire



Paris Region (December 20-29 2023*)

Paris Region (July-August 2024)

Montpellier (July-August 2024)

For other locations and dates please inquire

What is Neurosomatic therapy?

Your brain is involved in everything. But how does your brain learn to do what it does? Every time you move, even very little, your brain receives and integrates billions of pieces of information. This is how babies and children learn anything. Billions of neurons connect and patterns are created that pretty much make us the creatures of habit that we are. Life is movement. 

Improve your brain with neuromouvement and neurosomatic therapy. Ameliorez votre cerveau grace à la thérapie neurosomatique et au neuromouvement

To change anything, your brain needs to learn something new, to create a new pattern. NeuroSomatic Therapy uses various approaches, including the Anat Baniel Method® of Neuromovement® and others, to give your brain new and richer information. Neuromovement ® involves deliberate, conscious, slow and varied natural movements that you do with the help of a practitioner.  Other methods include counselling and neuro-coaching to support rapid brain change and thought reframing. With new information you generate brain change, which for most people translates into: improvements in mobility, reductions in pain and chronic pain conditions, fuller recovery from injuries and accidents, improvements in brain function (e.g. memory, language, learning), and better processing of emotions. 

Brain and body wellness - bien être cerveau et corps

Why emotions? Because emotions are also movements of thought in our brains. We store stress, trauma, heartache and emotional issues in our bodies as much as in our brains. You are one whole person and the two elements cannot be untied.

Children with special needs also benefit immensely from neurosomatic therapy and Neuromovement®  because their brains are plastic and eager to learn. Children with neurological challenges, genetic disorders, physical disabilities, developmental delays, autism, learning disabilities, or other limitations can increase their learning potential by harnessing the brain's innate capacity for change, using movement.  The Anat Baniel Method® of Neuromovement®  is known to generate high-impact changes and rapid learning in most children.  

Children with disabilities of any age can benefit from ABM NeuroMovement

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