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Reduce pain, overcome your limitations, enhance relationships, regain vitality.

NeuroSomatic Therapy shows your brain how to change to achieve better physical and mental health. 

Welcome to integral well-being.

With Neuro-Somatic Therapy you can...

How it works

Every time you move, even very little, your brain receives and integrates billions of pieces of information. This is how babies and children learn anything. Billions of neurons connect and patterns are created that pretty much make us the creatures of habit that we are. Life is movement. 


To change anything in your life, to learn, your brain needs to learn something new, to create a new pattern. This method uses movement to give your brain new information. The movement is deliberate, conscious, slow, and varied. With that information you generate brain change, which for most people translates into: improvements in mobility, reductions in pain and chronic pain conditions, fuller recovery from injuries and accidents, improvements in brain function (e.g. memory, language), and better processing of emotions. 

Why emotions? Because emotions are also movements of thought in our brains. We store stress, trauma, heartache and emotional issues in our bodies as much as in our brains. You are one whole person and the two elements cannot be untied.


This method provides you with the tools to change both your physical and your emotional outlook.


What People Say

Thanks to this session, I now feel my body in space in a different way! I am also amazed at how much visualization of movements and micro-movements can have an impact on the brain and on our body posture. Thanks again!

Alexandra B.

The NeuroMovement class was so calming and relaxing, it's like meditation movement.

Amyn B.

You are a magician! after the lesson I had less pain and was able to recover sensation and movement in my legs!

Maryem H.

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