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Top 3 reasons you can't get rid of your pain (yet)

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Where would you be today without your pain? or better yet... Who would you be?

Can you dare imagine?

Too often, we let our pain define us, dictate what we can and can't do, impose limitations on our lives and fulfilment. So much that we don't even try to get better anymore. But what if you could in fact get better? Would you want to let go of that pain? How hard would it be to let it go?

Imagine you are walking and you have a pebble in your shoe. One of those tiny annoying little rocks. How long do you have to walk before you stop, take the shoe off, and remove it? Some people travel long years in pain before they realize they can do something to make their lives better.

Beyond the physiological reality of pain (read here for more about that), sometimes our persistent physical pain or discomfort is a way for us to express another kind of pain.

Sometimes what is more telling than the pain itself is our reluctance to stop and feel, and change something to address it. So if you find you're thinking up excuses for not doing something, ask yourself - what other purpose does this pain serve?

Here are the top three reasons you may not be fully healing yet, and some ways you can challenge these. Recognize yourself?

I'm strong, I can take it.

I've had the same pain for years, I'm used to it. It's not that bad really. Some people have it much worse than me. I'm brave, I've lived through worse. Everyone says so. It's stupid to be in pain. Only weak people suffer. I'm no whiner, I can take this.

Most of us power through and push through the pain, but healing requires a different approach.
sometimes being stronger isn"t the answer

Make no mistake. This type of inner dialogue is getting in the way of your life, of the joyful painless life you deserve. You don't have to "take the pain" to be strong. Being strong, being resilient, is about knowing and meeting your needs and setting your limits. Acknowledging your pain will not make you a complainer; it will make you a more self-attuned human being. So go ahead and take that shoe off. You have permission.

It's no use, it's not going to work.

My doctor told me it was going to be like this now that I'm (this) age or I have this condition. Life is like that, first you're young, then you're in pain. What's the use? It's not going to work. I'm beyond healing. It's ridiculous, I'm going to look stupid. I'm going to fail.

Are you really buying into the story that past a certain age, you should be feeling pain all the time? Is this what life is about? there are millions of people out there who live painless lives full of vitality- why not you? What doesn't work is doing the same thing over and over again (including nothing) expecting different results. So try something different, and be curious. Don't settle for a life of pain without having tried everything. What if it doesn't work? but what if it does? How will you know what's right for you if you don't try it?

It's not worth it (I'm not worth it)

I don't have time. I'm too busy. When am I supposed to fit this in my tiresome life? I'm too tired. I'm in too much pain. I don't have enough money. There's no space in my life for anything new. It's not worth it...

Does it really require so much time to start a healing process?  With Neurosomatic therapy, results happen quickly and come from your brain

So many of us entertain this inner monologue. We know what's good for us and we don't do it. Why? because we feel unworthy. What you are telling yourself is that you have no time for your health; no energy for healing; no money to invest in well-being. And yet, how much time, energy and money does your pain steal from you every day? Imagine if you were a child, or your best friend, would this excuse make any sense?

You are unconditionally worthy of leading a bright life. But only you can start the journey towards healing and integral well-being. Challenging that inner dialogue is the first act of self-love.

So I ask you again, now that your physical or emotional pain has overstayed its welcome and over-extended its usefulness, who will you be without your pain?

PS: I am not a doctor. So if you experience severe pain, a sudden or drastic degradation in your condition, if you suspect you are ill, or are unable to perform simple daily tasks, please seek medical advice. If you would like to explore new ways of getting rid of chronic pain, come and try this unique method with me. I'll happily walk this path with you.

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