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Anxiety Buster

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Anxiety is a natural, adaptive response of your brain to a perceived threat or stressor. We are all anxious at times, but for some of us, this can become uncontrollable and maladaptive. But there is hope: neuroscience teaches us that our brains can change (neuroplasticity) if we give them new information. The purpose of this course is to help you give your brain new information so it doesn't feel threatened, and it can reorganize. In this course, you will find 3 NeuroSomatic practices that can be repeated in any order, at any time, in any context, according to your needs. These are designed to help you soothe your nervous system and reduce the anxiety response. It is my hope that your brain will find some of the nourishment it has been seeking here, and that your life will be improved as a result. BONUS - Download the Sensory Savouring Workbook.




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